4-S Solar Green Energy

KENTEC Energy is a technology company supplying and developing gasification technology. The company supplies gasification solutions for energy conversion of flue gas through heat exchanger systems to effective energy such as hot water and/or steam. After energy utilization the flue gas is cleaned through a filter system where activated carbon and hydraulic lime is added. Other suitable cleaning methods can also be used. The following is describing the “the core technology” as delivered by KENTEC Energy. The technology is constantly under development and specifications may vary depending upon waste specifications as well as energy utilization.

Core technology

  •  Gasification module with inlet for fuel and outlet for ash with a manifold system for injection of air mixed with recycled flue gas.
  •  Gas aspiration in bottom with secondary gasification chamber and gas injection system for feeding air mixed with recycled flue gas.
  • Cyclone with combustion chamber for flue gas.
  • Control system with PLS for operation of the gasification system, air supply and feeding of flue gas. The control system consists of HMI with displays and PLS for operation of the gasification unit. The control system is prepared for connection of other external control systems to e.g. boiler and filter.  Installation and operation instructions
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